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Letter war In one such letter dated January 30, Rahul Bhatia said that it is Rakesh Gangwal's sheer greed to hijack the company and grab rights - which the 'RG Group' Gangwal and his affiliates currently does not enjoy - that led to this action. In another letter this June, Rahul Bhatia said that "the genesis of Gangwal's angst lies elsewhere - the refusal of the IGE Group [Rahul Bhatia and his affiliates] to succumb to his unreasonable demands to dilute its controlling rights the real objective of the RG Group is neither to investigate RPTs [Related Party Transactions] nor to seriously think about developing 'robust procedures.

The friendship dates back to when the two had first met at the Chicago headquarters of United Airways where Rakesh Gangwal worked for 10 years - even working alongside IndiGo's current CEO Ronojoy Dutta who Gangwal alleges is Bhatia's man - before moving on to other assignments in Air France and US Airways Group, where he was chief executive and chairman.

Bhatia, on the other hand, was doing well with InterGlobe Technologies which has interests in travel, transportation and the hospitality space. It was Rahul Bhatia's itchy feet that got them both into the aviation sector, which is known for its high failure rates globally. Rakesh Gangwal was initially reluctant to start an airline, but Rahul Bhatia's persistence convinced him.

IndiGo was born with both partners owning 50 per cent stake each. At IndiGo, the arrangement between Bhatia and Gangwal was demarcated. Bhatia would bring a bulk of the capital, networking skills and political connections.

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Gangwal would use his plus years of aviation expertise to take care of aircraft and related acquisitions, design the airline's network and handle other operational issues. In the beginning, Rahul Bhatia's IGE Group took the economic risk of over Rs 1, crore almost six times its contractual obligation , and sweeping rights to appoint three out of six directors of IndiGo, chairman of the board, managing director, CEO, and president. Rakesh Gangwal, on his part, gave a fantastic start to IndiGo by cracking a highly-profitable aircraft deal with French aircraft maker Airbus in the Paris Air Show.

Airbus' rival Boeing had captured 90 per cent of the Indian market at that time; Airbus was desperate to make it big in India, and Rakesh Gangwal knew it too well. Gangwal seems to have realised that it's time that their rights should be equal," says an aviation consultant. The meltdown began from October Gangwal maintains that the fight germinates from lax corporate governance practices at IndiGo, and particularly the dubious RPTs between IndiGo and the companies personally owned by Bhatia. At present, IGE Group and IndiGo have RPTs in areas like real estate rentals, call centre services, simulator training facilities, general sales agents and crew accommodation at hotels.

Gangwal also raises objections on the EY audit which was set up to look into these allegations. These stones slow down your thinking mind, connecting you to mother earth and a sense of inner peace. Feeling floaty, lost, distanced or as if your head is a balloon? Experiencing anxiety, nervousness or over-analytical thoughts? Feeling unstable or unsupported in any area of your life? Is your heart open? Are you connected with nature and your inner self?

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Does your environment support this? Perhaps an opportunity, relationship or environment is providing you with this support. Message: You are one with our great Earth mother who is supporting and animating you with her gravitational force. You are worthy and complete simply because you exist. Explore your fears to better understand what lies beneath.

Feeling whole and stable takes practice. Sit outside with at least your feet, if not your entire body on the ground.


Take quiet time alone with nature to reflect and recharge. Bring sensation to your feet and lower chakras. Get as deep into your body as possible. Walk with the earth, not on top of it.

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The opportunity in question will help you to ground deeper into your true self. Take it. Warning: slow down before you float away or burn out. Your body desperately needs you to inhabit it and will get your attention one way or another. Lay flat on the earth and look at the sky for 20 minutes a day.

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Seek to calm emotional overwhelm through communion with the dirt, trees, water bodies, wind. The earth spirits can heal you and guide you home. This sunset inspires hope for the future by being present in the now. Have repeating patterns held you back? Are you clinging to an experience? Message: Celebrate new beginnings! Spiritual progress has been made. You are attracting conscious community.

Allow yourself to feel miracles, no matter how small. Trust more is coming and all is well. It is ok to feel happy with what you have.

It is ok to ask for more and trust you will receive what you ask for. The truth of who you are is revealed. Take up space. Connect with others who see you. Do not doubt. Your expectations of what, how and when may rob you of the abundance of this, here and now. What a wonder it all could be.

If we believe we will never receive, we stay locked in limiting belief. Do not struggle and resist. Do not depress. Blow life into the wind and be free within. You are possible. You are limitless. Whether you understand it yet or not, you have everything you have ever asked for. Spirit asks you to acknowledge this with an open heart so you may give back in equal measure. This midday sun awakens your soul to the present moment, where all creation begins. Are you feeling stagnant, bored, useless, distracted or down? Have you forgotten what vacation feels like?

Are you ready to show up with love in your heart? Are you excited to be here? Message: Joy, creativity, universal consciousness, freedom and love exist within you at all times. Remember, it is who you really are. Feel gratitude for all you have. Witness the miracle that you are, and that are all around you, all the time.

All you need to do is breathe. All is exactly as it should be. Drop any stories you may be telling yourself and trust in the creation of your existence. Discipline yourself to actively cultivate a present state of being. If things look bad, check your perspective. If they look good, they are. Do not get lost in negative emotion or the illusions of others. What brilliance there is for you alone when you stand still and breathe! Learn this lesson and alignment will follow. It is okay to repeat lessons. This is how they are learned.

Reconstruct notions of failure to this truth.

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Do not attempt to control or manipulate. Stay neutral and observe what is working. It will guide you. This landscape comforts and softly awakens. Feeling disconnected to or angry with your body? Having trouble connecting emotionally or physically with others? Is a fear of being vulnerable keeping you separate? Do you feel authentically and unconditionally loved and witnessed by yourself and by others?

Message: It is okay to feel safe. It is okay to feel unsafe. If you have experienced any kind of personal trauma or loss, it is normal to have difficulty connecting honestly and holistically with the self and with others.