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For many of us Americans it did. I got a much-needed extra hour of sleep.

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Just an artificial discipline of modern life. The LGBTQ Fiction Project invites to join us over the next two weeks to explore themes of clocks, time itself, and contemporary living. With a queer focus, of course.

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Every two weeks, we issue a short-fiction challenge. Our writers craft works of art, tales of lived truths, celebrations of life, love, struggle, despair, joy, and hope. Set Your Clocks!

Crank out a story and send it in. Make em up as you go. Obviously, they should have some kind of transgender, bisexual, lesbian, or gay theme. When I was 12, I invented a superhero named Boy Genius, a guy my age who awakens one morning with access to percent of his brain power. This allows him to tap into frightening and exhilarating gifts — telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation. Like most superheroes, Boy Genius is both blessed with and plagued by his abilities.

The U. My inspiration for Boy Genius was the normal superhero recipe, one part pubescent self-pity, one part junk science fiction. It was reprehensibly silly, the sort of movie that even a year-old awaiting a flash of breasts intuits is insulting to his intelligence.

Extraterrestrials in fiction

And yet at its witless core was an old question I was encountering for the first time: How would human consciousness contend with a software upgrade? There were 50 World Wide Web servers in existence that January.

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The hard drive of the average home computer had yet to exceed one gigabyte, and the president made international news by establishing a White House email address. The film — in which a floppy-haired, stammering scientist Pierce Brosnan conducts a series of mind-enhancing virtual-reality experiments on a frizzy-haired, gibbering half-wit Jeff Fahey , transforming him into an omnipotent war machine — belongs to a rich tradition: semi-brainless B-movies about the expansion of the human brain.

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And now, computers are starting to learn how to learn. As if in response, the brain-expansion subgenre has returned. Despite their minor variations in setup, these movies share a basic attitude: dimwitted, reactionary, uncomprehending. They behold the possibility of expanded intellect and hurl exploding cars at it. Lucy and Eddie, with their supercharged brains, give us a tantalizing vision of what we might look like if we actually evolved to meet the demands of the digital fire hose.

Watching them exercise their powers is like plotting how you would spend your lottery winnings. I feel my cheeks burn as I write this. To integrate the colossal, universal equation!

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  • For the United State is a straight line, a great, divine, precise, wise line, the wisest of lines! An English version was printed and sold only in the US. Still, he admired the work as a whole.

    Time Change! Set Your Clocks!

    We is a fantastic read for us postmoderns. Today, it reads almost like an in-joke, a satire of our own algorithmically driven culture where engineers are heroes and numeric measurements, with no context, drive so many decisions in business and elsewhere. The book opens with this compelling, resonant beginning, describing the latest government rocket project:.

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