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Adamant is usually preferred for the significant power boost but Jolly can be helpful as the Speed boost will place you above most of the opponents in the Base Speed category as well as surprising any opponents running speed just for the sake of outrunning most Base opponent's. More defensive EV spreads are frequently proposed and used. It's not uncommon to let Salamence's speed drop down to enough to outrun Adamant Heracross to boost up it's defences or HP, especially when it's your only counter to Fighting types such as the aforementioned Heracross , without Leftovers Salamence can't switch into attacks forever, although if it is your only counter a different variation of Salamence can be beneficial.

Rather than breaking down teams like the CB Salamence does this Salamence does reasonable damage throughout the game but shines at the late-game where it can go for clean sweeps when it's counters are sufficiently weakened or taken out completely.

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It's final move is up to preference, Rock Slide stops Zapdos and Aerodactyl from being able to stop you, Flamethrower stops Skarmory from walling you. As far as the EVs are concerned, you want at least speed to be able to outrun Jolteon and Aerodactyl and pretty much everything else after a single Dragon Dance , close to Max Attack and dump the rest in HP.

Hidden Power [Flying] has several IV spreads so you'll want to adjust your EVs accordingly to make sure you keep your speed at or more and that you reach your desired HP stat. With a potential Special Attack and a fairly strong move-pool of Special Attacks it's somewhat surprising that Special Salamences aren't popular, although the main and obvious reason is that it's outclassed by physical variations who have access to Dragon Dance and Choice Band.

It's three 'staple' moves are pretty obvious, in the last slot it has a small bit of choice: Crunch hits Ghosts and Psychic but there aren't many who cause Salamence problems anyway. Both border on being filler moves but most would lean in favour of using Hidden Power [Grass] to counter the common Swampert. Toxic is popular as it makes all of Salamence's common counters bulky water types wince and works rather nicely in tandem with Protect and Wish-stalling against other opponents, although some people will go with the two attack route and usually an appropriate boost to it's offensive stats.

Protect works with Wish in what borders on being similar to Recover or Softboiled, only with the additional advantage of extra Leftovers recovery and the ability to foresee your opponents next move which can be vital against Choice Band users. Protect isn't vital to the set but it's certainly the standard. As for the EVs, again, variation is common place.

Max or close to Max HP, is pretty much a given, max lefties recovery is the minimum to shoot for. Minor investments in either offence is fairly common, although certainly not overwhelmingly high amounts, Wish-Mence's Base is usually enough to carry it's offensive stats since it isn't sweeping.

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The rest of the EVs as well as the Nature can go to the defences. Some people prefer to go for balanced defences whilst others will favour one defence over the other, for the sake of the example EV spread I've shown one working strongly on it's physical defence which in my opinion is it's strongest defensive stat.

Aerial Ace is weaker than a full strength Hidden Power [Flying] but if you occupy Hidden Power with a different type or simply can't obtain it Aerial Ace will have to suffice. Roar is just one of those moves that so many things get but don't use, Salamence included.

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There's situational occasions where it'd useful but when you look at it's fantastic move pool there's very little reason to bother with something so situational. Substitute is seen over protect occasionally on the Wish sets and once in a while you'll see it on the Dragon Dancer or the Ele-Mence. It blocks statuses, gives Salamence a defensive buffer and to an extent lessens the need to predict when using Salamence, the main thing knocking it out of favour is the fact that Salamence has a great deal of moves to use and not enough move slots to spare.

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Here you can find out about our conferences and chapter meetings, and can check the important dates for our Awards and magazine. The bulk of this story-cycle centers on a young woman, Ceridwen, as she grows into womanhood and has a series of adventures in a world made increasingly violent and unpredictable by the clashing of rival armies and faiths.

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Randolph has extensively researched her chosen era, and her books are very intentionally pitched at a pre-modern pace, designed to unfold gradually despite their sometimes-hectic action segments. Valdosta Office N Patterson St. Valdosta GA, info itgnext. Jacksonville Office 25 N.

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