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And, obviously, I couldn't go without sharing with you guys my tips of the moment. One of themain reasons I decided to take this trip was to study English. I'm doing an exchange program through CI at Rennert School. Constantly seeking innovation, at CI you can find the best exchange programs and tourism options worldwide.

You can rely on our specialists to find the program that suits you best without paying more for it! Support from the beggining to the end of your trip with customer service seven days a week. All to serve you befora, during and after your trip. Whatever your destination is, with CI you can always go further. Unbelievable, it's been a year since I've last been here and most hyped up restaurants and cool activities have been replaced. That plate with truffled brie cheese was unbelievable.

It's not properly a restaurant. You order to go or sit at a communal table, not to mention the only serve amazing, vegan food! It's so hyped up! You must save an evening to have dinner at Sushi Sek. Not that hyped up, but, in my opinion, on of the best sushis in NY. I've been there twice and it was impossible to get a table.

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As it was packed, we decided to try Decoy Bar and I was completely surprised by the menu. There is an assortment of comfort foods as well as an excellent wine and cocktails menu! Another perfect spot for dinner is Kiki's , a new Greek restaurant in Chinatonwn, which I think is one of the best spots I've ever been to, with an outstandingly delicious food! Stay tuned 'cause another set of hot tips from NY is coming soon so you can learn all about what's hot around here.

An icon of carioca food, Gula Gula maintains itself as a reference in the city for over 30 years now, completed in February , with dishes that mix flavor, lightness and well-being. Nanda is in the house for the second turn. My goal on this lunch was to try and escape from the ordinary orders and pick different, tasty dishes. I picked the quinoa salad, made with curry quinoa, marinated eggplant, tomatoes, fresh sprouts and cashews with grilled chicken, as well as the green salad, made with a mix of leaves, leek, cherry tomatoes and croutons.

Manu, my dear friend who works at Documennta PR company for Gula Gula, which is a real partner of mine went for the grilled meat with two sides and a sauce.

Oh, and, of course, info about the wine we had — specially because a Friday lunch requires a glass, right? I love the decor at the Ipanema branch, a great option for those who wish to eat well and healthy, in a great, cozy atmosphere! Cada foto tem o nome do restaurante e programa que eu fiz. Vale cada caloria. Fiquei desejando conhecer o italiano.

Gente linda, comida boa e ambiente delicioso. Pra acompanhar mais de pertinho, fica de olho no meu instagram ludangelo e no meu snapchat luudangelo. Some days ago, my mom and I decided to take some days off and enjoy London in family. The restaurants are also a huge highlight, which can't be forgotten in such a cosmopolitan town. I've made a little itinerary of what I enjoy doing there - and where to take mom if you're going for a family tour!

In the pictures, I have also captured the must-order in restaurants! But I thought it would be nice to make a list here so you get to know the hotspots! The young and appraised English chef cooks complication-free — and delicious —food, not to mention the great prices. Ebooks and Manuals

There are many other Jamie Oliver restaurants all over London, like Fifteen been there and highly recommend it and Union Jacks. On their website they got all the addresses, just click here. It is separated into three areas: an Asian one, an Italian one and a lounge. We had dinner at the Asian part and the food is amazing. Everything we ordered was wonderful, those kind of dishes you never forget about. Not to mention the beautiful people going around.


I now want to try the Italian. Beautiful people, good food and great atmosphere. You have probably heard about panoramic view restaurants. But none of them gets close to the experience of this completely open, 82 feet high restaurant, with a view of London postcards, like London Eye and Tower Bridge.

Have you imagined that? Along with the unique experience, the food was amazing! Over pieces by artists worldwide, showing their work through pop art. The exhibition shows the pieces through a critic look on consumerism, politics and society. From September 17, to January, 24, Next, I'll post about the rest of the trip, which included Italy. To keep up more closely, keep an eye on my Instagram ludangelo and snapchat luudangelo accounts!

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Pra acompanhar as novidades dessa viagem, acompanhe os posts que eu vou soltando aqui aos pouquinhos. For that reason, I could dream about beach in Italy and brought crochet bikinis and a swimsuit — the textile is winning me over and over. Gypsy-style tops and pieces that go with everything, of course, have also been some of my picks.

Restaurant tips and alternative tours are already in my schedule and will be here soon! Tex-Mex cuisine — a mix of recipes typical from Mexico and the Nort-American States of Texas and California — is one of the most ordered internationally. In addition to the traditional corn, beans and several types of pepper, the infamous cuisine is also known for the use of vegetables like tomato, avocado, cocoa and vanilla.

Offering a unique experience, Que Quieres? With a fast-casual concept, the menu offers typical mexican snacks, assembled as the client wishes. The traditional burrito is served in two sizes, big and small, and in whole wheat or regular tortillas. For the main fillings, there are options like shredded chicken breast, pork or beef, ground beef and beans, as well as the veggie — pepper, onions, zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant.

Among the hot fillings, the client can pick an option of rice and another of beans among the six suggestions: carioca beans, black beans, white, brown, mexican white — with lemon and cilantro — and mexican brown rice, also with lemon and cilantro. For the cold fillings, the client can choose between two options.

The client can also pick a special filling, among sour cream, creamy cheddar or guacamole. To finish, an option of salsa: pico de gallo, salsa roja or salsa Don Humberto. The quesadilla — half moon-shaped tortilla prepared on a griddle — is served with two options of cold fillings, like cheese and mango salad, and an option of main filling, choosen between shredded chicken breast, pork or beef, ground beef and beans, as well as the veggie — pepper, onions, zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant. For a snack, the suggestion is the Nachos Tortillas, which can be sided by three kinds of dips, like creamy cheddar and carioca beans.

Another highlight are the frozen margaritas, available on raspberry, green apple, lime, strawberry and mandarine flavors. Tel: 21 Capacidade: lugares. Cc: todos. Cd: todos. By crossing the beautiful wrought wood doors you feel like you have crossed borders and landed directly in Portugal. Amongst the main dishes, there is an entire chapter dedicated to codfish recipes, always for two persons. The looks and sounds that compose the atmosphere bring us straight to Portugal. Tile pannels, Vista Alegre dishes and even a Portuguese guitar are part of the scenery.

4. Bastardos Inglórios (2009)

And, like it ought to be, the drink menu includes the typical Ginginha, Macieira and Bagaceira Neto Costa. Mon- Thu, from 12 pm to am. Friday and Saturday, from 12 pm to am.