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A dangerous band of mercenaries plan to use an armored train to raid four U. Yates fights to find the real killer, vowing to never surrender. Marshal Chet Byrnes fights corrupt politicians to get the tribe a contract to supply the coal for the locomotives.

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Anne Cummins is captured by the Sioux, eventually becoming a member of the tribe. Meanwhile, frontierswoman Libbie Custer is thrown into an unexpectedly brutal life after marrying her Civil War hero husband, George. At this lowest point, a special service dog named Napal entered his life. Topics include the bond between humans and dogs, the pit-bull population, and the challenges of adopting shelter pets.

Discusses her experience working at a shelter and dogs she met there. Discusses his early life in Paris and Lyon, interest in the developing field of photography, and his business pursuits which led to him becoming a celebrated artist. The Art of Forgery: The Minds, Motives and Methods of Master Forgers DB 8 hours 11 minutes by Noah Charney read by Ken Kliban History of art forgery, from the first known art-specific intellectual property suit in to notorious cases from the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

Discusses methods of creating forgeries, detection of forgeries, and the thin difference between copies, fakes, and forgeries. She shows how the dance is deeply entwined in Argentine culture. Discusses her early life in Ohio with a fractured family, interest in photography, work in the United States and Europe, personal relationships, involvement in socialist causes, and more. Details her early life in Sweden, which included an unplanned pregnancy with her married boss.

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Also covers her work during World War II and the origins of her famous, irrepressible heroine, Pippi. Translated from the Danish edition. Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret DB 12 hours 25 minutes by Craig Brown read by Eleanor Bron A portrait of the famous English royal, sister to Queen Elizabeth II, drawn through interviews, parodies, dreams, parallel lives, diaries, announcements, lists, catalogues, and essays.

Chronicles her activism and imprisonment, her deportation from the United States in , her disillusionment in Russia, and her stateless life in Europe. Discusses her role as a pilot in the US Air Force, flying combat search-and-rescue missions and earning her more than one award. He recounts his life under the totalitarian regime and his eventual escape back to Japan. Originally published in Japanese in He discusses his life, his military career, his first political campaign, and his work in the years immediately following the presidential election. Recounts how he repaired and rebuilt the house.

Describes their turbulent lives, pulling from the many letters they left behind. Discusses her childhood as the daughter of radical philosophers Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin, her troubled marriage to Percy Bysshe Shelley, and the creation and legacy of her famous novel. Recounts her arrest for driving-while-female in and the subsequent furor. Discusses her adolescence as a religious radical, education as a computer security engineer, career in New England working for the Saudi oil company Aramco, and life as a divorced woman.

Economics: A Very Short Introduction DB 6 hours 13 minutes by Partha Dasgupta read by Bill Wallace Cambridge University economics professor cites the experiences of two girls—Becky, who lives in a suburban Midwest town, and Desta, who lives in a mud hut in Ethiopia—to illustrate the concepts and tools his profession uses to understand their worlds and develop policies to improve them.

Chronicles his early years in Missouri, opening his first department store in Wyoming, the growth of the J. Penney brand throughout America, and his agricultural initiatives. Includes a history of bubble bursts and guiding principles. Includes discussions of techniques, personal reminiscences, and recipes. Franklin read by Margaret Strom Collection of twenty essays examining the life and work of Edna Lewis, who is considered the mother of Southern cuisine due to her restaurants and cookbooks.

James Beard Award. Impatient Foodie: Delicious Recipes for a Hectic, Time-Starved World DB 4 hours 34 minutes by Elettra Wiedemann read by Kay Kerimian Blogger presents cookbook aimed at providing cuisine-level food made in a short period of time, encouraging sourcing ingredients from local providers, and presenting a slow-food-style alternative for people who live a hectic lifestyle. Recipes cover a large variety of vegetables, meats, fruits, and some desserts.

American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind behind the Silk Road DB 12 hours 16 minutes by Nick Bilton read by Will Damron Using exclusive access to key players and two billion left-behind digital words and images, Vanity Fair correspondent describes how, in , twenty-six-year-old libertarian programmer Ross Ulbricht launched the Silk Road, a clandestine Web site hosted on the Dark Web, where anyone could trade anything—drugs, hacking software, forged passports, counterfeit cash, poisons.

Discusses its many productions over a sixty-year period throughout Europe and North America and adaptations, including Leah, the Forsaken and Naomi, the Deserted. Relates the careers of the actresses who were catapulted to fame, depictions of Jews in theater, and other aspects of the transnational phenomenon. Discusses managing courses, building a new relationship with parents, understanding the college system, choosing a major, coping with failure, and more. Includes information for first-generation and international students.

Describes the students she taught, including a young teen named Patrick—with whom she maintained a friendship after he was jailed and charged with murder. Explores four major types: the monster from nature, the created monster, the monster from within, and the monster from the past.

The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales DB 50 hours 56 minutes edited by Jack Zipes read by Mark Ashby A reference source containing more than one thousand entries exploring the Western fairy-tale tradition, from medieval times to the early twenty-first century. Includes information about stories, authors, artists, and many related topics. Also features articles highlighting countries with strong fairy-tale traditions. Each chapter takes a veggie common to backyard gardens, and offers more exotic planting ideas.

Gives advice on growing and harvesting these vegetables from around the world.

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There are sections on designing for fragrance, tips on how to harvest and utilize plants from aromatic gardens, and entries for suggested plants with detailed descriptions of their scents. She encourages planting native plants, allowing native weeds, and encouraging the presence of wildlife, even wildlife usually thought of as pests. Includes profiles of gardeners who have embraced this philosophy.

Thinking without a Banister: Essays in Understanding, — DB 23 hours 10 minutes by Hannah Arendt read by Eva Wilhelm This collection of writings from renowned political theorist Arendt — includes essays, letters, speeches, and more. Topics include the assassination of JFK and its aftermath, the ramifications of the Hungarian Revolution, and the role of a free press in democracy.

Brown read by Bob Moore Historian discusses the struggle in America in the decades after independence between the ideal of equal rights versus many entrenched social and political practices and beliefs. Examines the relevance of this conflict in issues of race, religious freedom, gender, social class, voting rights, and citizenship. Also provides a brief history of the UN and its predecessor, the League of Nations.

The cause was found to be polonium, a rare radioactive substance. Tracks the crime and the preceding events, following the deadly trail all the way back to the Russian government.

Describes indoctrination techniques, escaping to China at the age of seventeen, and the challenges she faced as an undocumented refugee. Ganser Former U. Mitchell and Alon Sachar read by L. Examines how Israeli and Palestinian negotiations have progressed and regressed across time and proposes concessions each side would have to make to achieve lasting peace. Discusses Kenyan history leading to the ruling regime, his living conditions, his fellow prisoners, and the work he did to maintain his sanity—including writing a novel on toilet paper in his native language.

Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Reveals her role in easing relations between her husband and FDR and her own relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt. Discusses the early days of her marriage to Winston, her crucial role in his career, and her overlooked influence on world events. Brown read by Jeff Allin A guide to understanding the roots of so many battles and self-perpetuating negative relationship patterns that form between parents and their teenage children. Provides tools based in structural family therapy to address specific issues and create healthier patterns.

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Also examines behaviors that support kindness, such as courage, self-control, respect, and gratitude. Includes strategies to encourage respect, hold family meetings, productively discipline, and improve familial relationships. Year of No Clutter: A Memoir DB 9 hours 32 minutes by Eve Schaub read by Laura Adducci The author of this memoir confronts her problem of holding on to too many possessions and creating general clutter in her house.

Explores his relationships with luminaries of his era, including Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, his work in preserving natural lands, and his editorial duties at The Emporia Gazette. Jonathan Bass read by Mirron Willis Historian examines the legal odyssey of black Caliph Washington, who was wrongfully convicted as a teenager of killing an Alabama policeman in He came within minutes of the electric chair nearly a dozen times, and his original conviction was overturned three times before he was finally released in Discusses prominent figures in the department, lobbyists, turning-point cases, and more.

Details the seven stages: preparing a case, establishing ground rules, sharing information and expertise, moving negotiations forward, handling the unexpected, drafting an agreement, and post-settlement strategies. Case studies include ones of interest to the blind community. Covers the subsequent trials, including the death sentence for the white killer and the civil suit against the members of the local Klan unit, charging them with conspiracy.

Topics include farming, nature, economics, local culture, eating, motherhood, classism, technology, feminism, families, individualism, literacy, citizenship, ignorance, and more. Examines authors who became lesser known by the early twenty-first century. Examines the influence of her experiences on specific pieces of her work. Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters DB 28 hours 22 minutes edited by Jon Lellenberg and others read by Jon Huffman To provide a clear picture of the personality and multifaceted life of the writer best known for his fictional character Sherlock Holmes, the editors selected letters from the long-locked-away correspondence with his much-admired mother Mary over fifty years, as well as missives to other family members and friends.

Agatha Award. Advises on how to make lifestyle and dietary changes to address such issues as asthma, eczema, brain fog, fatigue, sinusitis, and more. Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr.

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Discusses nutrition, environment, detoxification, stress reduction, exercise, and other components of the ancient holistic approach of Ayurveda. Lockley and Russell G. Foster read by Bill Wallace Two neuroscientists survey the modern-day science of sleep. Topics include nutrition, exercise, imagery, intimacy, medications, and planning for the future. Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America DB 10 hours 19 minutes by Beth Macy read by Beth Macy Portrait of the families and first responders on the front lines of the opioid crisis, from an author and journalist who has lived through it.

Describes how America embraced a medical culture where overtreatment with painkillers became the norm after the introduction of OxyContin in Dylan on Dylan: Interviews and Encounters DB 23 hours 23 minutes edited by Jeff Burger read by Joe Wilson A collection of interviews with the influential musician, mostly sourced from newspapers, magazines, and radio station interviews.

Arranged chronologically from early in his career as a folk singer in , through the acceptance speech he wrote when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in Seventeen when she met Cash in , she shares stories of their courtship and marriage, mostly through the letters he sent her, as well as the painful end of their relationship.

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Discusses how technological developments allowed troops to carry with them vast amounts of music and to share their music among fellow soldiers. Here she shares her observations about why some towns flourish and others fail, and describes factors towns can use to build an identity and thrive. Colby read by Bill Burton Historian profiles orcas, also known as killer whales. Discusses the perception of orcas since Roman times, attempts by the fishing industry to eradicate them, the impact of public displays of captured orcas since , and the success of conservation efforts.

Recounts the work of researchers and aquariums to regenerate the population, the impact on its marine environment, and the popularity of the species with the general public. Describes the means of reproduction, the crucial role of symbiosis, and the animals and plants in the reef habitat. Proposes solutions to prevent their extinction from human causes.