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May not be open to the public brn. La Trobe University Library. Borchardt Library, Melbourne Bundoora Campus. University of Queensland Library. University of Western Australia Library. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? There's a problem loading this menu right now. Metzler, To many historians this would seem like a quite successful uprising.

In fact, it is on official record by regionalgeschichte. Were the revolution Jacobin in nature, it would have eliminated 6 Grab, Walter.

Französische Revolution nach Hinrichtung Ludwig XVI. I musstewissen Geschichte

Leben Und Werke Norddeutscher Jakobiner. German History, Oxford: Clarendon, However, even if Germany was unified, a successful transfer of Jacobin ideals would have been difficult given that the average citizen still deeply cherished aristocratic values. This reflects more Machiavellian or enlightened absolutism values, because the notion of democracy is unimportant as long as the state or region is stable and effectively governed.

Because revolutions are at their core a gamble, the Jacobins were asking the German Volk to be trusting and take a risk. It then begs the question: how risky was the German Volk at that point in history? For a society educated by the philosophies of Kant, Jacobi, and Fichte, anything irrational was dangerous and foolish. Doing such could only come with great risk. The German Volk was fully aware that their government was not perfect, but did it need to be burned to the ground and subject to the guillotine in order to be improved? Thus, the intellectual 12 Metzler, J.

Moreover, even if the German Volk was a trusting people, the intellectual community alienated the Jacobins so effectively that a transfer could not have been possible. To insult the Jacobin Club for being out of touch with the real world is a harsh criticism.

Das Recht – ein Territorium staatlicher Hoheit? : Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie

Ideology is always important, but without the muscle of the working class, Jacobinism was dead in the water. In this regard, the societal endorsement was missing on part of both 15 Saine, Thomas P. Thus, since both facets of German society at the time of the transfer were inhospitable to Jacobinismus, a successful transfer was highly improbable. Third, and lastly, French militarization of Germany in was the last straw, killing any possibility of a successful transfer. On October 21, the French military led by General Custine took over Mainz after a brief period of weakness on part of the Prussians and Austrians.

With minimal support domestically, the German Jacobins turned to their only other hope: the French military. From this point on, the German Jacobins were no longer a grassroots movement; they were a puppet movement.

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This outsourcing and distancing from German culture, politics, and intellectualism made it very difficult for the revolutionaries to gain public support. New York: Vintage, Frankfurt Am Main: Lang, The French Revolutionary Wars, London: Arnold, German nationalism was moving like wildfire throughout the confederation but not because they were embracing Jacobin ideals and promoting a free, democratic state. Though there was no unified German flag to rally around, the 39 independent confederate states had their own unique coat of arms and acted nationalistic by were preparing to defend their locality against French intervention.

The German Jacobins made a fatal mistake in their transfer when they preserved a strong relationship with the French just as the locals were becoming considerably Francophobic. Furthermore, foreign militarization only made the transfer more impossible because it resulted in significant backlash and hatred for anything French by the locals.

Their livelihoods had been disturbed and their privacy taken forcibly. It should have come as no surprise to the Jacobins when the locals refused to support and defend their newfound republic against Prussian and Austrian troops. Oxford: Oxford UP, Kant's Politicsin Context. Corby: Oxford UP, Grab, Walter. Eu Law. Exploring Strategy.

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