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Chien tini quate patte, mais li pas capabe prend quate chimin. Here the mule seems to represent the slave; the horse, the master or overseer. Celui qui rit le vendredi va pleurer le dimanche. Ciramon [37] pas donne calabasse. Le giraumon ne donne pas la calebasse. See Bibliography.

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Nevertheless I suspect the spelling is wrong. In Louisiana Creole we say Giromon. The French word is Giraumon. Le cochon sait bien sur quel arbre [bois] il va se frotter. There is an old New Orleans saying:. This referred to the old custom in New Orleans of firing a cannon at eight P. It was a species of modern curfew-signal. Any slave found abroad after those hours, without a pass, was liable to arrest and a whipping of twenty-five lashes.

Cima , a mountain-summit. Coment to tale to natte faut to dourmi. This word, of African origin, is applied to all things connected with the voudooism of the negroes. The word grigri , also of African origin, simply refers to a charm, which may be used for an innocent or innocuous purpose.

The character of Creole folklore is very different from European folklore in the matter of superstition. Same applications as Proverbs , , The vulgarity of the French word partly loses its grossness in the Creole. If you talk scandal at random, the mischief done will sooner or later recoil upon yourself. I find the same proverb in the Mauritian dialect. Cresson content boire dileau. Bigelow gives the curious spelling croquez. The word is certainly derived from the French, accrocher.

Quand vous voyez les poux-de-bois manger les bouteilles, accrochez vos calabasses [en] haut. Les dents mordent la langue. Les dents ne portent pas le deuil. Everyone who has sojourned in tropical, or even semi-tropical latitudes knows the deadly nature of stagnant water in the feverish summer season. Fair pou fair pas mal. Faut janmain mett racounn [51] dans loge poule. Il ne faut jamais mettre un raton dans la loge des poules. This bears so singular a resemblance in sound to a French word of very different meaning— chat-huant screech-owl that it seems possible the negroes have in this, as in other cases, given the name of one creature to another.

Il faut que les paroles meurent, afin que le monde puisse vivre. The Creoles have thus curiously, but forcibly, named the hound itself. Il fait un trou pour en boucher un autre. Le gambette que vous trouvez sur le grand chemin, sur le grand chemin vous le perdrez. Les gens [qui ont du] bon-temps vont dire bon-jour au gouverneur. Graisse pas tini sentiment.

Generally speaking phlegmatic persons are inclined to fleshiness. Les haillons sont mieux que de rester tout nu. Ne dis jamais—Fontaine, je ne boirai jamais de ton eau. Jouez avec le chat, et vous attrapperez un coup de patte.

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Jouez avec les chiens, vous aurez des puces. Laboue moque lamare. La boue se moque de la mare. La maison [couverte de] bardeaux ne regarde point la case couverte de vetiver.

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Groceries, especially, seek to rival each other in the attractive qualities of their lagniappe ; consisting of candies, fruits, biscuits, little fancy cakes, etc. The chief purpose is to attract children. La guerre avertie ne tue pas beaucoup de soldats. Whether the swing of the tail suggested the idea of a pendulum to the deviser of this saying is doubtful. One of the best alludes to promises or engagements made with the secret determination not to keep them.

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Le lapin dit: Buvez tout, mangez tout, ne dites pas tout. Quand la pluie va tomber, les grenouilles chantent.

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La queue du chat pousse avec le temps. Creole planters of the Antilles generally sent their sons to Europe to be educated. Il a vendu son cochon. Il [ne] manque [que] de gale pour se gratter. In good French: Il ne lui manque que la gale, etc. He puts lard in his beans. Il doit se marier; mais quelquefois la bague de mariage glisse du doigt. Li soule bontemps. La liane du yam lie [lit. Folks are sometimes caught fast in the snares they set for others, just as the yam is tied with its own stalk. The term completely changes its meaning as well as its spelling in Creole.

Le macaque dans la calebasse. In the figurative Creole speech one who allows his passions to ruin or disgrace him is a macaque dans calebasse. A negro in rags might use the above proverb as a hint to those who wish to joke him about his personal appearance.

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Le macaque ne dit jamais que son petit est laid. Lit: Le malheur ne se charge pas comme la pluie. A broad border of this grass is usually planted around each square of sugar-cane. It grows tall enough to conceal a man, or a couple of lovers holding a rendezvous. Hence the wholesome warning. Epouser une bouteille vide. See Prov. The tazard or thazard , although belonging to the scomber family, is not a true mackerel. The tea referred to is one of those old Creole preparations taken during fevers—the tisanes of the black nurses: perhaps the cooling sassafras, or orange-leaf tea administered to sufferers from dengue in New Orleans.

Les montagnes ne se rencontrent jamais, les hommes se rencontrent. In Louisiana we never say ta yo , but so quenne Were all proverbs used by the Creole-speaking people included in this collection, it would be considerably longer. Le moustique est petit; mais quand il chante, votre oreille en est pleine. There never was a girl so ugly that she could not find a husband. Ne remuez pas le fumier sec.

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Avec un seul doigt on ne peut jamais manger du calalou. The word is of African origin according to Turiault. Le soulier seul sait si le bas a un trou. Oti tini zos tini chien. Ou fait semblant mourir, moin fait semblant enterrer ou. Faites semblant de mourir, et moi je ferai semblant de vous enterrer.

The higher our ambition, the greater the peril of failure. Alfred de Saint-Quentin in his work upon this remarkably fantastic and melodious Creole dialect, says that Ago is the only word of purely African origin he has been able to find in the Guyana patois. On the Gold coast ago! The negro who accidentally jostles anybody, still exclaims Ago! Le plus faible a toujours tort. Hence the proverb, applicable to any circumstance in which good advice is reluctantly received. Il vaut mieux laisser votre enfant morveux que de lui arracher le nez.

Pour manger, tout est bon; pour parler, pas toute parole. Les poules ne vantent pas leur [propre] bouillon. Prendre garde vaut mieux que demander pardon. Ptit lasoif ptit coco, grand lasoif grand coco.