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This city was heavily fortified with a high and imposing wall and gate.

Watch out for the Independent Ones

The army general surrounded the city in readiness to attack. One friend of the general came along and asked him, Sir, how do you think you are going to overcome the defenses of this city?

No one in recent history has been able to conquer this great city. I thought you only had four columns. Oh, I see. Is it a special commando unit or are they airborne paratroopers? My 5th column consists of my spies, agents, friends and supporters who are already within the city. You just wait. They will open those big gates from within and my armies will rush in.

This is the only way the enemy can destroy a successful and powerful ministry that is doing all the right things.

It has to come from within. The 5th column comprises the disloyal, double-faced, double-tongued and discontented people within every ministry. If these people are allowed to wreak havoc as they so very well can, they will destroy the church. I remember years ago when I started out in the ministry, I experienced the effect of having a disloyal associate. This person although officially standing on my right-hand side, did not believe in me and was murmuring against me all the time. His home was the meeting place for all the discontented people in the church.

Every time they gathered, they would discuss and criticize me. At times, they would talk about the way I preached. At other times, it was the way I sipped water in the middle of my sermons. Yet again, some felt I was not friendly enough. But the Lord revealed all these things to me. I prayed about it and asked the Lord what to do. And the Lord said, I mean exactly that! Dismiss him otherwise you will never have peace and your church will never grow.

Pin on Loyalty and Disloyalty

So I called for a meeting of the elders of the church. At the meeting I said, I realize that Brother X is not in support of me. I said to Brother X, I know that you do not believe in my leadership anymore. I trained you. I brought you up. And today you are too big to remain under my authority.

Cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease. He sputtered, What!

Loyalty and Disloyalty

Then he said, I will continue coming to church even though I may not have certain responsibilities. But I said to him, No! You must leave! You are not part of us. Your presence in the church will only be destructive. I tell you, it was no easy thing to dismiss a friend and associate of many years. But it had to be done. The Bible tells us that when Abraham was in conflict with Lot he directed Lot to go somewhere else!

What Can Make a Church Healthy?

Abraham was saying, If we are apart there will be peace and the work of God can go on. A disloyal person breeds strife, hatred and murmuring. These disloyal sentiments are like smoke that fills an entire house. The only way to get rid of the smoke is to get rid of the fire. If we want to have a large church, we need to minister with love and with oneness. You see, I encourage people to walk out of my church if their hearts are not with me. I will beg you to leave, if I have to. I am serious about this.

I will even give you money to pay for your transportation and snacks as you leave us! So that those of us who love one another and are confident about each other can stay together and continue working. But there are many pretenders in the church. They pretend to love you and support you but in their hearts they despise you.

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By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. To minister as effective leaders you need to exhibit the love that Jesus spoke about. People are attracted by love. When they see leaders who flow together in genuine love they are attracted. You must never forget that your church members are not blind. Neither are they deaf. They can see and feel disunity and discord when it is there. One thing that every pastor must know about sheep is that they drink from still waters. If the water is murky and rough the sheep will stay away.

You see, they are not sure there is no crocodile in the water! Whenever there is treachery and distrust your church members become scared and wary and stay away. One man can only do so much. One pastor can only be at one place at a time.

TEN LAWS OF LOYALTY by Dag Heward-Mills

He can only minister until his strength which is limited is exhausted. Because of this, anyone who wants to extend his ministry and bear much fruit has to learn to work with many other people. However, it would be better to work alone than with a team of disloyal, disgruntled, disunited and disaffected people. In fact, it is not possible to have an effective team with such people. I believe I have only been able to do as much as I have done because of the team with whom I work. These churches are part of a network that is loyal to the headquarters of the church in Ghana.

People often ask me, How do you sustain churches in all these different locations? What sort of controls do you have?

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