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Agile Contracting Part3. Agile Contracting Part4. Agile Contracting Part5. Agile Contracting Part6. Cumulative Cost Curve. In Alphabetical Order. Forecasting - ETC. Forecasting - EAC. Forecasting - TCPI. Burndown Chart Part1. Burndown Chart Part2. Burn Up Chart. Cumulative Flow Diagram.

Chapter 04 Quiz. Stakeholder Engagement. Domain Tasks Part1. Domain Tasks Part2. Who is a Stakeholder?

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Stakeholder Engagement cont. Personas Part1. Personas Part2. Persona Example: Frances Miller. User Stories Part1. User Stories Part2. User Story Strengths. User Stories The 3 Cs. Given, When, Then. Definition of Done DoD. F2F is Best. Information Radiators.

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Information Radiators Examples. Agile Modeling. Active Listening. Facilitation Methods. Conflict Resolution. Speed B. Leas Conflict Model.

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Participatory Decision Models. Management vs. Servant Leadership. Servant Leaders…Part1. Servant Leaders…Part2.

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Chapter 05 Quiz. Boosting Team Performance. Adaptive Leadership. Leadership Styles. Theories of Management Style Part1. Theories of Management Style Part2. Emotional Intelligence. Ability-Based EI Model. Empowered Teams. High-Performance Teams Part1. High-Performance Teams Part2.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Brainstorming Techniques.

  1. Radio Storms.
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  3. Umarme mich, damit ich weitergehen kann: Gebete des Vertrauens (German Edition).
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  6. Other Tools. Chapter 06 Quiz. Adaptive Planning. Adaptive Planning cont. Progressive Elaboration.

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    Rolling Wave Planning. Process Tailoring.

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    The Agile Pyramid Part1. The Agile Pyramid Part2. The Agile Test Pyramid. Value-Based Analysis.

    • Plato, Ion (Theater of the Mind).
    • Triple A Business Simulations: Learning By Doing.
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    Agile Games Part1. Agile Games Part2. Estimation Part1. Estimation Part2. What Causes Project Delays?

    Planning Differences. Chapter 07 Quiz. Cycle Time. Cost vs. Value of Change. Escaped Defects. Quality Standards. Continuous Integration Part1. Continuous Integration Part2. Risk-Based Spike. Traditional Coding Model. The TDD Model. Red, Green, Refactor. Acceptance Test-Driven Development Part1. Acceptance Test-Driven Development Part2. The certification attracts a wide, rapidly growing audience as agile principles and practices are topics of growing importance in project management.

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    Project management practitioners can use these principles and practices to successfully manage change, improve communication, reduce cost, increase efficiency and demonstrate value to customers and stakeholders. It will make you shine even brighter to your employers, stakeholders and peers. Become a skilled agile professional with knowledge of agile methodologies including test-driven development projects, Scrum, Kanban, and Lean.