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Uitreis is een waardevolle toevoeging tot de Zuid-Afrikaanse diaspora literatuur.

Tribulations de la justice

The diaspora of the Afrikaner tribe Rina Sherman's Uitreis tells the story of a young actress Tilda Kaufman, an exile who lives in Paris. Her return visit at the occasion of her father's death is a searching visit to south Africa and her own past. Once again politics and personal affairs become inextricably intertwined. Her youth was spoiled by an authoritarian and loveless father, by a mother who was very submissive and a brother who could not contain his bouts of anger.

Her parents and brother are very conservative and supporters of the policies of the National Party. Her father is even a member of the Broederbond, the notorious secret organisation, promoting the interests of an inner circle of Afrikaners. Tilda herself is a rebel, wanting to break loose from the straitjacket of Afrikaner nationalism. She becomes a actress, joins a black theatre group and has a relationship with a fellow black actor, Sidi.

In Paris too she has an affair with a black person, which does not come to fruition either. She has an abortion and goes to live on her own once again. South African society is protrayed as extremely racist and patriarchical, its religious bigotry, their selfdestructiveness Tilda revolts against all aspects of it.

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She rejects everything her parents stand for. In the end she cannot cope with, that is why she leaves the country: "Eendag het Tilda uit haar lewe geloop. Omdat Pa haar nie liefgehad het nie.

French Legal Culture and the Shock of 'Globalization'

Omdat Paul haar geslaan het. Omdat sy skaam was vir haar land, haar mense en haarself. Om liefde te soek. On the plane out she muses, on an echo of Huismans characters: "Ek wou nog altyd uit my lewe padgee.

Fil d'Ariane

Hier is die oomblik nou. Ek kom nie terug nie. Ek het genoeg gehad! The life of an exile is also vividly portrayed. It is dominated by loneliness: In this way exile becomes a metaphor for life itself. That too is a fruitless search for fulfilment: "Ja, hoe, 'n mens jou ook al met ander omring, jy is altyd alleen.

Die res, samesyn, is dromery. Niks bly vir my meer staande nie. Al wat my kan red, is om my sin vir humor te behou. Besides this element on her return home she voices critical opinions about the white government which result in her being cast into the role of an outsider: "Inderdaad, my kind, jy is nie meer een van ons nie. She does not know the customs anymore 73 : "Jy verstaan niks meer wat hier aangaan nie.

Despite this soured relationship and the outspoken political differences Tilda's feelings keep on oscillating between love and hate with the result that it never comes to a final break. Nevertheless, her father has permanently damaged her capacity to love. The life of Tilda is a permanent departure: from her youth, her parents, her lovers, South Africa. She has to distance herself from her parents and her country in order to gain her freedom.

She returns to France because it is where her future lies and this despite the fact that South Africa has freed Nelson Mandela Ce que nous avons perdu en route. Son titre : De loin. De quelle France sommes-nous? C'est la question que posait Maspero dans son portrait d'un salaud. Oui, quelle France?

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