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Currently, he teaches at York College. His most recent publication is Los cuentos de Mount Hope, 2nd ed. He writes novels, essays, critiques, poetry and has an unpublished memoir. Sergio Andruccioli was born in Buenos Aires Argentina. In he moved to Miami.

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Desde el reside en Nueva York. Mi poeta dijo que no duerme nadie No se puede dormir Con tanta sensibilidad a cuestas No se puede dormir Mientras todo esto sucede. No duerme nadie.

Currently, Claribel works as psychotherapist at a mental health center in New York City where she resides since D en Rueda el tiempo por la calle y se lastiman sus rodillas en la acera. Regresas y me encuentro a la deriva, descalza sobre los mismos pasos. Poet, Teacher and Cultural Activist. He has resided in New York for many years. Reside en Nueva York hace nueve anos.

Co-editor de la revista literaria Trazarte. Her first poetry collection entitled This Beloved Chaos , published in , includes poems in English and Spanish. She also enjoys translating poetry from Spanish into English. He lives in the US since In collaboration with John Burns he translated a major anthology of Beat poetry into Spanish: Una pandilla de salvajes improvisando a las puertas del infierno Aldus, Recently he edited Perros habitados por las voces del desierto.

On the road you learned to read books, Your hands stooped being clumsy, You wrote your first poems, And your eyes kept discovering What was behind the mountains.

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I always assumed that at eighteen Sons or daughters should leave the house and family as I did at that same age. With the passing of years I have changed My mind. Between freedom, resignation and selfishness Life passes on. Vive en Nueva Jersey, con su esposa, su hijo, sus perros y varios libros. His most recent literary distinction by Revista Libre in Some of his works appear in several Dominican and international Poetry anthologies.

He has published collections of poetry, translations and prose. He has also published the volumes Vuela un cuervo sobre la luna. La voz deudora. I am writing because of the girl I saw jogging this morning in the cemetery, the one who floated against the dead. She ran and her body was a feather that swayed against death. Yvelisse Fanith was born in the Dominican Republic whe she completed her basic education.

Her poetry has been included in several national and international anthologies. Cuando la vida hiere y te muere la muerte y sientes que el cielo se recoge en siniestra estocada lo mismo que a las cinco de la tarde… Casi es hora. He earned a Ph.

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William Watkins. In the beginning was the flesh, and the flesh became word, and the word became memory, and our memory became electric. Then in a puff of smoke, gone was the age of the Ancestors, gone was the age of History. The exteriors all changed. The desert, the artic, And everything in between disappeared- or more accurately, reappeared as something other. Something few of us had ever seen; a brave new world, born of a bloodless womb.

Some of us —the brave ones— got on our vehicles and set out to explore the new world: hoping to find the promised signs of a new life. But when we got there, there was nothing. A deception, a lie: the interior had not changed at all. Disappointed, Some of us returned blinded by artificial stars, and worse, some of us did not return at all: trapped in a web, impossible to escape.

And yet most of the inhabitants here believe that this is the best of all possible worlds: safe, clean, secure, and ethical. But where is the blood? Where is the body? Anyone who has studied philosophy knows that a virtual substance is a contradiction in terms. Thus our dreams, our nightmares, our longings, and our desires have become electric, subtle, even transparent.

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Todos los exteriores cambiaron. Decepcionados, algunos de nosotros regresamos cegados por estrellas artificiales, y lo que es peor algunos de nosotros nunca regresamos: atrapados en una red de la que era imposible escapar.

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  • She a cultural activist, founder and coeditor of Revista Trazos. Her work has been included in anthologies, magazines and newspapers in several countries. Es gestora cultural, fundadora y coeditora de la revista Trazos. The worst is not the sorrow or the lie But having lost the route back to Paradise. Pedro Antonio Valdez.

    The city lays dressed with shadows Seven square miles of watercolors Paint a drunken smile on any corner. Men without destiny From five to ten counting the efforts Lost in memories and evocations Marked in their faces Murdered by boredom Continue in the womb Who deceives them. The city Hides in its sewage Subways and neon lights The American dream Accomplice of the savage code and the sophism.

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    While there continue to be one thousand reasons In any corner To slice your wrists with a needle Inhale some dust to alleviate the senses And kill in some way or another These new prank of our destiny. Mientras siguen en las esquinas las mil razones para cortarse las venas inhalar el polvo que aniquila los sentidos matar de alguna forma esta maldita cabriola del destino.

    Maria Farazdel is a native of the Dom. Republic who has lived and worked in NY since the age of She received her B. En vano regreso a buscarlas: desmembradas se fueron con el eco del mundo al ritmo de New York, New York. Christian Cuartas was born in Cali, Colombia. He resides in New York since His work has been published in the newspaper Vecindad that he helps to coordinate. Reside en Nueva York desde el Kianny N. Antigua Dominican Republic. Some of her stories have been translated to Italian, French and English.

    Her work also appears in several anthologies, textbooks, magazines and other media outlets. Strange pieces fall from the sky. The explosion of a gigantic fruit floods the air upon falling, and its pulp scatters about staining sidewalks and memory. El estallido de una fruta gigantesca, al caer, inunda el viento y la pulpa se esparce manchando las aceras y la memoria.

    Since she has resided in Abu Dhabi, Ginebra and Barranquilla. Her poetry collection Seguir al viento was recently launched at the mythic literary cafe La Cueva in Barranquilla and also in Argentina. She has an unpublished poetry collection entitled La oscuridad de lo que brilla. Trabaja en Periodismo y Comunicaciones.

    I The last embrace before the first death a frank flirting with madness the time we made love and it was a well as absolute as the cosmos the original breath from some diffuse beyond of the only truth: birth.

    This is life this breath, this skin the sensation of a dry well an abandoned hive the center and the end. III Emptiness has the weight of the absolute never less.

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    Emptiness is the measure of the world. Karina Rieke was born in the Domincan Republic. She studied photography, painting and ceramic at the City College of New York. Her work has been included in several anthologies. Obtuvo un Ph. Keiselim A.