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Those phrases are predictive; spoken in the future tense. The speeches are very simply expressed, with almost no big words.

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They combine the abstract "particular set of skills," "growing confidence and growing strength," "the Lord shall be revealed" with physical details "I will find you and I will kill you," "we shall fight in the hills," "little black boys and black girls". They are also delivered unbelievably slowly. Churchill and MLK spoke while facing desperate moments of public reckoning, Liam Neeson while beginning the second act of a middling international action movie.

And yet the way of speaking—the technique—is exactly the same. The reasons the Taken speech works so incredibly well, the reasons everyone remembers it, are the same reasons that people remember other great speeches: These rhetorical structures are built into the substructures of our consciousness and always work.

The fact that the Taken speech happens to be an action movie shouldn't disguise its perfect craftsmanship. It's not so great that it deserved two sequels, maybe. On the other hand, it even works when you read it like Kermit the Frog:. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. The U. Stephen Marche Stephen Marche is a novelist who writes a monthly column for Esquire magazine about culture. Definitely my family and my job! They are the motivation my life makes sense in this country. I have an amazing family that inspires and supports me to move forward in everything. I work because I love my job and I feel lucky that I have chosen what I do and not vice versa What is your favourite thing about travelling, working and living in Albania? Please tell us a little about it and why you love it.

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There are many beautiful things here. But first, I have to say my job.

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JM: We brought in Damjan Damjanovski, the expert, who came up with the 'Taken' theme for the campaign. He worked with Blerina for 2 days back in September here in Tirana. It was explosive, with ideas flying around and hard work being done. Skip to main content.


My video. And, for the life of me, I will never be able to work out why. Taken is an action film starring a celebrated actor in his late 50s who isn't really known for his action roles.

It isn't very well directed and its plot is almost laughably slight. It's filmed in locations that practically scream "tax break". It looks, and for once this is not a compliment, as if it should be a Nicolas Cage vehicle.

He does not say "a special set of skills."

Neeson plays a former CIA agent whose daughter is taken. He says that he's going to take her back, and then he takes her back, and that's it. That's literally the whole film. It's like making a film about a man who says he's going to make a sandwich and then makes a sandwich, or a film about a man who says he's going to point at a door and then points at a door. Thank God, Taken is so much fun. There's some neat character exposition at the start of film.

The first we see of Liam Neeson, he's poring over the instruction manual of an unpurchased karaoke machine that he's spent months deliberating over. As he wraps it, he obsessively creases the corners with his fingernails.

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A minute in, Taken could go one of two ways — it could either be the story of a man saving his daughter from human traffickers, or the story of Liam Neeson going on a murderous OCD freakout because he saw some wrongly aligned wallpaper. Other than that, he's essentially TV agent Jack Bauer. A gruff, no-nonsense action hero who isn't afraid to break the rules to get what he wants and assumes that one-off displays of sadistic violence will make his daughter love him more than, say, 15 years of paternal attentiveness.

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Yes, I'm judging Liam Neeson. Yes, this is probably the stupidest thing I've ever done.

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I can't be alone in thinking that the world would probably be a better place if Liam Neeson hadn't gone to all that trouble to save his daughter. Look at her.