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Not Everyday Things In Tarot divination you should pay particular attention to Major Arcana cards appearing in your spread. Not only does each Major Arcana card carry its archetypical meaning, but it also points out the gravity of it. Someone very important enters, or some very significant event is afoot. I can't stress this enough.

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The Tarot's Major Arcana cards don't bother with everyday events and people you meet daily. They appear when something extraordinary happens, something that you'd remember to put in your autobiography. So, pay attention when a Major Arcana card pops up in your Tarot spread. Here are all the 22 cards of the Major Arcana and what they mean in Tarot card divination Click the card image for more about the card's meaning.

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Archetype: Wizard: surpassing the plausible. Archetype: Secret: hidden influence. Archetype: Benefactor: gentle power 4 The Emperor You're up against real power, so yield or suffer the consequences. Archetype: Supreme ruler: irresistible power. Archetype: Priest: spiritual authority. Archetype: Love: intense affection. Archetype: Conqueror: success in spite of resistance.

Archetype: Hero: a great feat. Archetype: Solitude: isolation.

A Review of the Rider-Waite Tarot: The Major Arcana

Archetype: Chance: the unpredictable. Archetype: Judge: the rule of law.

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Archetype: Martyr: sacrifice. Archetype: Grim reaper: coming to an end.

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Archetype: Patience: time passes. All dialogue options below show the answers that grant points and how many points they grant when you have a Persona of the same arcana with you. If you do not have a Persona of the same arcana, subtract one point to get the total of what you'd get from each answer in most cases.

Before getting to Rank 3, you must brew a cup of coffee and then spend time with Sojiro a different night. Make sure you have a Hiero Persona equipped because this could take a while. Brew coffee for him twice.

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If his marker doesn't indicate he can be ranked up, you'll have to spend time with him until he does. Upon completing this rank, you will acquire " The Money-grubbing Uncle " request.

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Since this is the last rank of this confidant 's social link, you can select any dialogue options you wish, though there are some which yield more points, despite them not counting towards anything. Persona 5 Wiki Guide Table of Contents. Page Tools.