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As with The Monstrumologist , this book stands alone: a creature is hunted, there is a resolution.

The bigger story — the series mystery, as it were — remains the mystery of Will Henry and his journals. Those mysteries remain — and I am intrigued by how long Yancey will go with this series, with whether there will ever be or can ever be an answer to who Will Henry was. For more on the framing device, as well as the literary style of this series, see my review of The Monstrumologist. In The Curse of the Wendigo , questions of faith, belief, and science are woven together.

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It is amusing, actually, to think that Warthrop defends the existence of natural monsters against supernatural creatures, while the reader of these books discounts the monsters that are oh-so-real to Warthrop. What are the bonds between Warthrop and Will Henry?

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Is John Chanler turning into some type of creature? Or is he going insane?

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And is that being caused by actual infection from a real beast or from a person breaking because of isolation and loss? Along the way, there is plenty of action, gore, and a further exploration of the science of monstrumology as practiced by Warthrop. Ah, vampires…. Because of this scientific approach, the monstrumologists also bring in lore and stories of the vampire, arguing that the two are at least related, if not the same creature. The second half of the book is set in New York City, looking at both the privileged and the tenements.

Of course Jacob Riis makes an appearance! The largest manure block was located on Forty-second Street, one block away from where a hundred thousand people got their drinking water, the Croton Reservoir. In addition, the depiction of the poverty, the cruelty, the filth shows that there are many monsters, many risks, many dangers in our world — even without Wendigos or vampires. Looking for a place to talk about young adult books? Pull up a chair, have a cup of tea, and let's chat.

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After enlisting the help of a Canadian Mountie, Dr. Nothing, though, can prepare them for what they do find. Not far from one of their campsites, a body is found. Its skin has been ripped from its torso, save the face, and everything remains intact except for a large hole in the middle of its torso. Will Henry soon discovers that the heart has been ripped out and left with a small chunk bitten from it. Wendigo rumors fly rapidly, but the doctor remains convinced that this is the work of a regular mortal.

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Fiddler has been holding Chanler hostage, waiting for him to change into a Wendigo after supposedly being attacked by one. Warthrop immediately sets out to rescue Chanler and return him to civilization, ignoring all warnings from Fiddler about the curse of the Wendigo. Through a series of mishaps and a harrowing escape from the vast wastelands of Canada, Will Henry, Dr. Warthrop and Chanler make it back to civilization. As the symposium draws closer, Dr.

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Warthrop prepares his defense against the existence of such a gruesome creature, and Will Henry remains as loyal as ever. The elements of the story are still not for the faint of heart, and the creatures Yancey creates continue to be gruesome and highly frightening. I, for one, cannot wait to see what Yancey comes up with next.